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  • Client: NTPC Limited
  • Sector: Electricity
  • Region: Kerala, India

First-Of-Its-Kind Grounding System For NTPC’S Largest Floating Solar Plant

NTPC Limited is India’s largest energy producer in the public sector, generating and distributing electricity to all the state Electricity boards.

Founded in 1975, the country has established its presence in the entire generation chain, harnessing electricity from fossil, hydro, nuclear, and renewable energy sources.

Client challenge

Unlike building a grounding system on land, building a system with water as the medium had its unique challenges.

These included:

• Building a grounding system that doesn’t affect the flora and fauna of the region.
• Ensuring that the fault current does not pass through the water (as salt water is a good conductor of electricity).
• Movement of man and material in a water body that is not easy to navigate.
• Managing budgets and timelines despite the challenges of the pandemic.

Other challenges included

• Manufacturing the designed components during the COVID phase 1.
• High sea tides and changing water depths.


To overcome the execution challenges, the JEF team had to go to the drawing board right from design to execution. The project called for out-of-the-box thinking and problem-solving at every step.

Designing a system that is unique:

Lightning Protection and Earthing cannot work without one crucial component - Earth. There was plenty of it available, but under several meters of salt water. Simply using the existing soil and dissipating the current was not an option.

After several iterations within the team, solutions were found to best access and dissipate the fault current.

• Specially designed earthing blocks were developed keeping in mind all the challenges at sea.
• A customized Lightning Protection Floater System was designed.
• To ensure protection and long life given the natural elements, products with the highest level of quality were used.


• Building with innovation:
JEF’s grounding design for NTPC Limited had to overcome the unique challenge of contact in the sea bed without passing the electricity in the water. The team was able to provide a pioneering solution to this challenge within the given time, despite the hurdles due to weather and the pandemic.
• One-of-its-kind project in the country:
This is the first of its kind project spread over a single location of 350-acre backwaters in Kerela, making it India’s largest solar project on a water body.
• Special barge design:
One of the key areas of the projec made as per the site requirement.

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